FAQ for Parlour Collective Ambassador Program

Parlour Collective


1. What is the Parlour Collective Affiliate a program

It is a Program that allows you to make passive income by earning 10% Commission whenever your friends or followers use you AF Referral Discount Coupon Code.

2. Who runs it

This program is being run by Parlour Group Pte Ltd established since 2005.


3. Which brands are included in the program

Pink Parlour, GT Aesthetics,  Sylvia's Secrets & The Pink Shop

4. How will I know if someone I referred signs up

You may login to your Dashboard to view (for The Pink Shop currently) and receive updates the following month from Parlour Collective team.

5. How much will I earn

As much as 10% Commission and your friends will receive

                                        10% discount on Services

                                        5%   discount on Packages

                                        5%   discount on Products

6. How many times can it be used

As many times,  however limited to one use per unique user.

e.g. You may refer to > 100 friends (and receive 10% commission from this 100 friends (Wow!) while your friends enjoys the discounts.

7. Which countries are eligible

Singapore,  Philippines,  Malaysia & Indonesia

8. How do I get paid and when?

You will receive payment the following month on the 14th.   If 14th is a weekend of a Public Holiday in Singapore,  it will be the next business day.

9. Do I get cash or Pink Points?

You will receive Cash payments.

10. Can I get paid in my local currency?

All payments via Paypal in your local currency.

11. Is there any limit to how much I can earn

Unlimited and the Sky is the Limit,  Go for Goal!

12. If my referral purchases and ask for refunds how does that effect my referral commission

Yes,  any refunds will be deducted from your next commission payout





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