About The Pink Shop


Pink Shop: The Beginning

Hello there, I am Wendi Chan, the owner of The Pink Shop. I sincerely welcomed you to a place where you can feel pink, love pink, and be pink.

In a world filled with various color and hue in between, nothing gives us a keener nostalgia than our favorite childhood outfit. Wearing tiny pink tops while running around as we proudly show our pink with so much confidence. I personally loved every kind of pink in any kind of shade. This color has shaped me throughout the years. It made me feel alive and gave such a strong sense of identity more than anything else.

I started my journey as an entrepreneur through Pink Parlour, a beauty salon that provides hair removal, nails treatment and spray tan services. Every single person in our team is a sucker for anything that comes wrapped in pink. Literally anything.

Pink Parlour was established in 2005 and has become one of Singapore's leading hair removal specialist. It also received several awards from waxing, IPL hair removal, spray tanning up to princess manicure and pedicure.

What We Do
The Pink Shop is specially curated to anything pink! If you are looking for something pink and unique, you can find it here. Our team will constantly improving our pink collection every day, so if there is anything PINK that you would like to own or buy, simply tell us and we will help you find it.

Enmesh yourself into the World of Pinkness by visiting our shop.

Pink is warm,
Pink is love,
And pink is you.

With love,
Wendi Chan
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